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    Ultra96-v2 mini-DP to HDMI adapter


      I've been trying to get the Ultra96-v2 to work with an HDMI display, and have been running into quite a bit of trouble.


      The official documentation recommends Ableconn DPHD4K0AA, which doesn't appear to be available anywhere online.

      Given that, I figured I'd try a different active mini-DP to HDMI adapter. The issue is I haven't really been able to get any to work.


      Every time the same issue occurs: I can turn the device on, but there's never a display. However, if I wait about two minutes and press the reset button the device reboots and the display works perfectly.


      So far I've tested:

      4x Displays - HP Pavilion 25xw / TOGUARD 12" Inch IPS / Acer XB271HU / Dell 2408WFP

      2x HDMI Cables

      2x Active mini-DP to HDMI adapters - Cable Matters / Plugable

      2x SD Card Images - Pynq / Ultra96v2 OOB


      Interestingly enough, on Pynq I'm able to get the display working by ssh'ing in after two or so minutes and running:

      xrandr -d :0 --auto
      xrandr -d :0 -q
      xrandr -d :0 --output DP-1 --mode 1920x1080

      This may also work on the OOB image, I haven't tried.


      Additionally, using mini-DP to DisplayPort appears to work just fine. However, the display I'd like to use does not have a DisplayPort input.


      Does anyone know how to get this working, or another verified mini-DP to HDMI adapter?