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    Ultra96-v2 mini-DP to HDMI adapter


      I've been trying to get the Ultra96-v2 to work with an HDMI display, and have been running into quite a bit of trouble.


      The official documentation recommends Ableconn DPHD4K0AA, which doesn't appear to be available anywhere online.

      Given that, I figured I'd try a different active mini-DP to HDMI adapter. The issue is I haven't really been able to get any to work.


      Every time the same issue occurs: I can turn the device on, but there's never a display. However, if I wait about two minutes and press the reset button the device reboots and the display works perfectly.


      So far I've tested:

      4x Displays - HP Pavilion 25xw / TOGUARD 12" Inch IPS / Acer XB271HU / Dell 2408WFP

      2x HDMI Cables

      2x Active mini-DP to HDMI adapters - Cable Matters / Plugable

      2x SD Card Images - Pynq / Ultra96v2 OOB


      Interestingly enough, on Pynq I'm able to get the display working by ssh'ing in after two or so minutes and running:

      xrandr -d :0 --auto
      xrandr -d :0 -q
      xrandr -d :0 --output DP-1 --mode 1920x1080

      This may also work on the OOB image, I haven't tried.


      Additionally, using mini-DP to DisplayPort appears to work just fine. However, the display I'd like to use does not have a DisplayPort input.


      Does anyone know how to get this working, or another verified mini-DP to HDMI adapter?

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          There is also a thread where we've been compiling additional findings. You can find it here -- http://avnet.me/ultra96_accessories


          I personally use the one below. This has worked with the 2 or 3 HDMI monitors that I have tried.

          CableCreation Product Number CD0095

          Active Mini DP to HDMI, CableCreation 6 Feet Mini DisplayPort (DP1.2) to HDMI Cable, DP to HDMI, 4K X 2K & 3D Audio/Video, Eyefinity Multi-Screen Support, 1.8 Meters/Black

          Amazon Link: http://a.co/d/i5EiEKn


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            Hello, I am having the same issue with my Ultra96 V2 board where I can get it to boot up through the light sequence but then the display never turns on. I have already purchased the recommended active mini-DP to HDMI CableCreation cable and still cannot get it to work on 3 different monitors. I even tried the reset trick after a couple minutes but that does not work either. I downloaded the SD image onto a card from avnet.me/ultra96-v2-oob as mentioned in the quick start guide. The board is also being powered with the 12V, 4A power supply sold for it.


            Any ideas on ways to fix the issue or further troubleshoot would be great. It has me really stumped right now with what could be wrong compared to others whose work.