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    How to Create New Groups


      This forum has about 358 groups or areas to explore, which is a lot. However there are a few other groups I think might increase site content and readership:

      • Repair (& troubleshooting) - many members repair things and there is a lot of skill, knowledge, equipment, tools, technology and components involved in the process. These activities are a nice addition to the content on the forum when they result in a blog. If a group (dedicated place to blog) was created for this activity it would allow better recognition of the effort and more incentive to publish these activities. There could even be a token award for the best repair blog annually.
      • Teardown I don't know how much activity there is in this area, but it isn't concentrated in a group to find out. This one probably need some incentive to get members to spend effort tearing things apart, but it would be another area to bolster content and readership activity.
      • Hacks There seems to be quite a bit of interest in hacks and hacking, but there isn't formally an area to publish and discuss hacks.


      I don't do much with groups myself, beyond looking for the best place to publish something, because I look at almost all content.

      However they could provide an opportunity to encourage participation or recognize outstanding content of a particular type.

      1. Are there other good reasons to create groups?
      2. Do you find it useful to subscribe to areas of interest?
      3. Do you find it hard to figure out the best place to publish content?
      4. Do groups need to also be organized by bigger categories or is alphabetical all that is needed for all 358 groups?