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    Super new to FPGAs but a friend just bought me a ZedBoard Zync-7000; obviously I can do a lot, but where should I start?


      I'm almost done with my first ever CS/CE class (basically an introduction to digital electronics). I've gone over basic stuff like Karnaugh maps, adders, muxes, and decoders, and I know a bit of verilog, both for running simulations and generating bitstreams for FPGAs. The last project we did was for building a 3-bit full adder.

      So far I love it. My background is in network engineering (Cisco/Juniper/Huawei/others) and I think it would be cool to develop high-bandwidth long-distance interfaces (ideally fiber) but I have no idea where to start for that. Are there any good books out there for stuff like that?

      P.S. it is unlikely that I will be taking any other CS or CE related classes at my school, as it is such a brand-new program that nothing more than this is available yet. So I'll basically be learning on my own, plus whatever help new CE professors here can give me.