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    Interrupt driven data transfer from PL to PS and visa versa


      I have an application where I have a raw serial stream of data (no start/stop) coming into the Zynq.  I will be deserialising the data and would like to send it to the PS via the AXI interface byte-wise in an interrupt driven fashion.


      It would be ideal to not have to interrupt the PS for every byte so I was thinking of a FIFO with a "not empty" flag as an interrupt.  I only seem to be able to spot stream FIFOs though as part of the IP available. I wondering if DMA is an option, or a combination of both.


      I'm fairly inexperience with the AXI interface and associated IP having spent most of my time doing test bench verification work.


      If anyone with more knowledge than me (which is most people I imagine!) would be able to point me in the right direction that would be great.  I don't need a fully blown solution, unless you have one of course, but more along the lines of "if I were you I'd use this and do this"... sort of thing.


      Fingers crossed someone can stop me going down countless blind alleys.