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    What are the steps to add a WIFI to the BeagleBone Black industrial


      We need to have Ethernet and WiFi for our beglebone black industrial board to fit into our configurations.


      We  decided on using the Microchip ATWILC3000  https://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/en/ATWILC3000

      as the WIFI chip. The current platform we are building on is the element 14 BeagleBone Black industrial

      Element14 BeagleBone Black Industrial 4G based on Sitara AM3358 Processor


      We are not interested in the Bluetooth but if we can add it to so much the

      better.  (We are currently using tty1 and tty4 for other items)

      They have drivers here https://github.com/linux4wilc/driver


      I am a software guy and new to Linux and totally ove rmy head looking for guidance.

      So if you could slow walk and old coder through how this would work OR

      you can add this to Debian for a fee I would be interested.


      In the end we would need to know what pins to hook up for a SPI configuration

      and where to install the software OR if you want to guide me through I would really appreciate it.