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    Circuit Studio custom part not connecting in PCB


      I wanted to add a custom part to my design, so I created a new schlib, a new PCBlib, then followed the following procedure for making an "integrated" component (Component Management in CircuitStudio | Online Documentation for Altium Products ).


      however, when I add the symbol to my schematic, then updated PCB, the component shows up, but it has no air wires showing the connections that I made in the schematic.


      any clue as to what I can do to fix that?

      it's obviously connected in the schematic (can drag it with the nets), and the update process shows two new connections to accept in the "ECO" screen, and I accept them. I checked the part integration and it looks like the pins are all matched between the symbol and footprint.

      I'm out of things to try, and my google-fu is failing me.

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          My personal preference is to just use the SchLib and PcbLib libraries directly and not bother with IntLib's simply because it is far easier to modify a component and update the sch/pcb from the individual libraries.


          From your description it doesn't sound as if you are doing anything wrong especially if you have checked the pin to pad mappings. Do the pads have net names when you zoom right in? It is possible to disable to view of the air wires / connection lines so I would suggest making sure they are turned on in both the View Configuration dialog and at the net level (View > PCB > Nets; right click Connections > Show).