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    Design Engineer


      Hi All,

      I'm looking for some help from a electronic design engineer. I have the need some help designing and building a device.


      Any guidance, names or other help appreciated.



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          An 'electronic design engineer' is a very broad and bit generic of a term to get anyone's attention.  You might want to put a little more information in your description if you want to get help.  The element14 community has a vast array of members and talents.  Typically this is not a 'gig-like' forum, where people bid on jobs (like guru or upwork), but a helpful community where members help other members to completing their own design.  Many of the members are full-time engineers (and engineers in training) and many are retired or semi-retired and still enjoy tinkering.


          Be clear in what you are looking for and I am sure you will find people who can help you.


          Best of luck!


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