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    Keep-Out and Mechanical 4 handling for fabrication




      I designed 2 Layer PCB and am using a Keep-Out Layer for mask from both-side copper pour. Of course, PCB outline is determined on CircuitStudio.

      FusionPCB recommend to output GKO as PCB outline. Another factories recommend to output GM4.


      However when I checked at gerber viewer, GKO includes mask shape without PCB outline.

      Should I add line manually along to PCB outline at Keep-Out(or Mechanical 4)? Or, CircuitStudio generates PCB outline data automatically to other file?



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          I will assume that you have created a board outline in CircuitStudio that shows up in the workspace and also the 3D view. This outline is 'internal' to CircuitStudio and you need to generate a drawn outline for output to your Gerber files. Typically the board outline will be a drawing on the Outline layer and you can use the existing board shape to generate the drawn outline using Home > Board Shape > Generate Primitives From Board Shape. Once you have the outline then it can be included as a separate Gerber output or merged into every output (see Project > Generate Outputs > Gerber Files > Configure).