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    Some Useful Azure Sphere Resources



      Hello e14! If you've joined the Sensing the World Challenge, or maybe you're considering it and looking for more info, here are some very useful resources relating to this platform. If you run across any other helpful resources please drop a link in the comments here, and I'll update the post!




      Microsoft's Getting Started Documentation


      Install Azure Sphere, by Microsoft


      Troubleshooting Installation and Setup, by Microsoft


      Blog Series on Azure Sphere, by Workshopshed


      Azure Sphere Out of Box Demo and More, by Brian Willess


      How to Use an Azure Sphere Starter Kit for IoT Security, by Brian Willess


      Implementing Direct Methods in Azure Sphere, by Brian Willess


      Avnet Azure Sphere Resources


      IoT Skills: Learn How To Rapidly Secure Your IoT Design with Azure Sphere


      Microsoft Recorded Webinar: Introducing Azure Sphere


      Microsoft Recorded Webinar: Unboxing the Azure Sphere


      Microsoft Recorded Webinar: The Expanded Azure Sphere Ecosystem


      Hackster.io Getting Started Blog, by Evan Rust


      Hackster.io Control Relays with the Azure Sphere Dev Kit


      Hackster.io Using the Avnet Azure Sphere's Onboard Sensors, by gatoninja236


      Using MikroE Click Boards with Microsoft Sphere


      Azure Sphere - Tips to Max-out your Avnet Starter Kit Hardware!


      Avnet Azure Sphere Starter-Kit: Advanced Tutorial


      Troubleshooting Azure IoT Hub Connection Issues


      AVNET Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kit - Review




      And for our Sensing the World Design Challenge, here is the process to use for Phase 1 to connect your device to the contest server: Instructions for Daily Server Sync