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    FMC Mezzanine Card/ Breakout Board




      I am using the UltraZed-EV Carrier Card (AES-ZUEV-CC-G) and am trying to access GPIO via the FMC HPC Interface. Do you recommend a pre-built FMC Mezzanine Card/ Breakout Board to use with this?


      The product description/ number of the FMC connector on the carrier card is as follows and the Carrier Card Schematic and BOM is attached:

      Connector Name on Carrier Card: JX4

      Connector Description: CONN, VITA 57 FMC, RCPT, 400POS, 10ROW

      Manufacturer: Samtec

      Manufacturer Part Number: SEAF-40-06.5-S-10-2-A-K-TR



      Thank you!