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    Will this BMS design work?


      I have been working on this design for the past month or so but i am unsure if it will work, so I am wondering if anyone can point out any mistakes I made in the design.

      I based my design on the Analog Devices DC2259A

      EDIT: added design and link


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          Unfortunately your design schematic did not get attached. In addition you should post the origin / basis for your design, the design objectives, and more detail on what your concerns are.

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            The design wasn't included in your post. Please add it, otherwise it can't be reviewed.

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              The link to Analog devices in your post is not good.  The schematic uses the LTC6811 and the datasheet has a lot of applications information.  I am not familiar with this part so won’t comment further but to get good help you should describe your application, where you got the schematic and what if anything was changed, and if there are specific things that concern you.



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                It's not possible to review a design of this complexity without putting in serious effort - you might get lucky and find some one who has done a similar thing before and will review your design for free but it's not very likely.


                I've looked at these parts but never actually used them so I can't offer any detailed critique.


                I would suggest that it is staggeringly ambitious to go for a 12 cell design at first bang   if you have not used these parts before. If it were my project I'd kick off with a 3 cell design - that way you get a top, bottom and middle cell but only 1/4 the complexity and grief.


                So you get to find that you need an extra diode on each cell (or whatever turns out to be wrong) with a lot less pain and cost.


                If you are working in a business context there may be people urging you to do it quickly - so they will freak out at the prospect of a prototype, but if this is a commercial project there are serious safety issues in making this kind of thing, and it will take time to get it right.



                It would be nice if you gave more context (this is a common problem), if we knew what you were doing and why it would make it much easier to help.



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