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    The Azure Sphere Challenge Heat Map!



      Azure Sphere Challenges Heat Map


      Something cool to share: for the Azure Sphere challenges that e14 and Hackster.io are running, Softweb Solutions has built us a "heat map" of all the kits being connected for these challenges! This collects the data sent to the contest server via this process, so as you're doing your daily submission for Phase 1 of our Sensing the World challenge or your requirements for the Hackster.io Secure Everything challenge your device will show up on this map, along with how many times you've connected.


      August 2 2019 UPDATE: the postal codes have been made more general, to protect the privacy of our members connecting to the contest server.


      August 7 2019 UPDATE: we are working to restore the full device name on the heat map, where previously it had been redacted down to only a few characters. Please be sure to choose a device name that does not in any way compromise your privacy, by displaying your full name, location, or any other personal information. And have fun with the naming of the devices! But please do not use any words or phrases that could be considered offensive.