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    PicoZed 7020 RevE - JX2 Jumpers and Rev-C MOQs


      We're working on producing a new round of controllers -- the first since about a year ago -- and we have a new purchase of PicoZed's to build them with. Our previous builds used Rev C of the PicoZed and our latest builds use Rev E.


      Unfortunately, somewhere along the manufacturing chain we missed some important changes between Rev C and E (http://zedboard.org/sites/default/files/documentations/Product%20Change%20Notification%20PCN17003.pdf). We had been using most of pins MIO10-MIO15 for a pair of I2C busses. With the removal of U1 and U2 as described in the PCN it seems those signals are no longer, by default, routed to the JX2 connector.


      I just wanted to check a couple things with you:


      1. Can you verify that flipping these jumpers will route the corresponding signals to JX2? We're not using the PicoZed's on-board eMMC. Would only flipping these jumpers result in any adverse behavior?

           * JT14 (MIO13)

           * JT12 (MIO12)

           * JT13 (MIO15)

           * JT11 (MIO14)


      2. The PCN I linked (which is, admittedly, about 1.5 years old) states: "If for any reason the Rev-E board can’t be qualified Avnet can continue to build the rev-C boards but an MOQ may be required." Is that still valid -- can Rev C boards still be purchased (at some MOQ?)?


      Thanks for any insight you can provide!




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          Hi Adam,


          1. Yes flipping those would route them out to JX2. As long as you don't have a need for the eMMC, I dont see any issues. You will need to take into account that U1 and U2 are no longer there in your code that you used to control those mux's previously(you no longer need this)


          2. Yes I believe that is still possible. I'm not sure what the Minimum MOQ is. I will reach out to you.

               Also, please note, we can also do custom builds of the Rev E boards in which the JT11-JT14 are in your preferred position. These would require a minimum MOQ as well.



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