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    Raspberry pi minecraft servers?


      Raspberry pi's have always interested me and i love playing minecraft with my friends i have run a few small servers in the past with my pc but they are not very good and run slow. Then i found out you could make a minecraft server on a raspberry pi and raspberry pi's can be run in a cluster makeing them work together. I woild love to work on creating a minecraft server running on a big cluster of raspberry pi's for anyone to use really and enjoy playing together. Basically raspberry pi's i think would be perfect for this job because of there size and power. Problem is getting them and all the stuff i would need to run this. If anyone is interested i would love to work to make this a real thing. Im not the smartest person on here but i feel like this would be fun for alot of people.

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          In an article published in the MagPie magazine, the author made the following statement in reference to the Raspberry Pi 3, “The combined resources that the cluster has make it more powerful than a single Raspberry Pi, but that does not make it faster with regard to the small-scale matrix multiplication that I used. The main reason why the cluster is not able to outperform a single Raspberry Pi is the interconnects between the nodes. Using the on-board Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) limits how quickly nodes/processes can communicate with each other.”


          I would be interested to learn if that has changed with the Raspberry Pi 4 due to the changes made to the on-board Ethernet.

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