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    Winner Announcement: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!


      Meet David Edwards from the e14 presents show The Electronics Inside: a show where David tears down toys, tools, and electronic appliances just to find out what’s inside.



      Watch our very first episode where David tears down Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.


      You must wonder what happens to these devices after they are torn down. Well, if David manages to put it back together (and get it working) then we GIVEAWAY the device.



      This month we are spicing things up by giving away David's torn down and rebuilt  XBOX one S All-Digital Edition to one lucky community member!




      Rules to enter:


      Step 1:  Log in or register on element14, it's easy and free.


      Step 2: In the comments below, post a picture of a game, game controller, handheld or console that you have modified in any way(The project should be yours, not someone else's) AND tell us what would you do with the new Xbox one S all digital. The entry with the best combination of past achievement and future aspiration will win.


      Step 3: You can enter this contest until midnight UTC 13th September 2019. Winners will be announced on 30th September 2019. If you need something to do between now and then make sure to check out all the great electronics videos at element14 presents


      Follow these pages for more information:

        • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

          Here is the Gameboy Color that I customised for my son. Nothing too drastic just a new glass screen and backlight. He mainly uses it to Play Pokemon Blu. I'd love to win the Xbox so that we can both play Minecraft together even when he's not here.


          • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

            This is the very first PCB I designed for my own personal use. It was laid out using translucent red and blue tape plus black tape and via donuts - at 2X scale, then photographically reduced through colored filters to obtain 1:1 PCB artwork layers for the print shop. The high cost of making mistakes with this method is probably why I am still so meticulous about getting my PCB layouts to work on the first attempt.

            The function of this circuit is to fit in-line with any joystick of the day (Atari, Sega, Colecovision, Commodore, etc.), which used DB9 connectors, and turn the trigger function into a rapid fire (machine gun) trigger.

            At the time all the action games and shoot-em-ups required the trigger button to be rapidly cycled to have any success. This often led to a sore trigger finger.

            The circuit still allowed single shots by "blipping" the trigger, but if the trigger was held down it would cycle the output at an optimal speed for hardware of the day.

            This little circuit led to many high scores without damage to my trigger finger.

            I had visions of turning this circuit into a product, but eventually expensive joysticks came out with this feature built-in.

            At least that proved it was a good product idea.

            It would be interesting to see how the latest generation of kids (grandkids) fares with modern X-Box technology.

            There always seemed to be a gender bias in the types of games kids played and preferred. I am curious if this trend still persists. I am sure my granddaughter and grandson wouldn't "mind" the experiment.

            I "might" even have a go at it myself to see how the technology and game-play has improved. I am already putting together a retro PiCade so there would be something to compare it with even if I can't get my old hardware platforms functioning.

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            • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

              This project turned 10 years old today and didn't get much farther than this image.

              Before The raspberry pi, before easy to get ITX systems, I attempted to shove an old Pentium 2 Dell laptop into an Atari 2600 for the sole reason of being able to use it to emulate a bunch of different game consoles along with the 2600.


              It emulates a 2600 pretty well. I never did get a game controller wired up to it, so I just left a USB to Playstation, Xbox, and Gamecube adapter tucked in where the floppy drive used to go.

              I documented everything on Instructables years back. it's probably still up there as well.


              As for what I'd use the XBox One All Digital edition for? I'll probably put it into the bedroom as a replacement for the roku that also just happens to play video games pretty well. Nice compromise. A bunch of my library is in disc form, but with Games with Gold as a part of my collection, I can probably survive. The big TV in the livingroom will still be used to play all the games on disc without complaint.

              • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                Nothing compared to others but had my original Xbox One Elite controller fail. Just didnt accept a battery. Turns out was a loose battery terminal. Knowing Id be opening it up I got some controller parts. Swapped out the silver top trim with black, new faceplate, new battery door, put on the Gears 4 PowerA Elite Accessory kit. Fixed the battery issue. Did some minor mods, installed new joysticks, was a MINOR drift, got ones with more tension so I can now do better aiming. Since I covered the 1/2 mode switch with faceplate, I actually did move it, not shown here but it's opposite of the sync button and is a push toggle button.


                If I won the Xbox, Id like to see if I can upgrade the HDD with a spare SSD I have. Seen people replace the harddrives on the launch model Xbox One quite easily. So would like to try my hand at it and then give to my stepson who is a Fortnite nut and get my Gears 4 X1s back to just my usage lol


                Also in rules it says:

                Winners selected: 20th September 2020

                Hope that's a typo

                • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                  My chops

                  At some point in my life I ended up with a classic ZX Spectrum case with no PCB and no keyboard membrane. Without these two things, it was just a box that looked liked my childhood (but much emptier).


                  Then, years later, I got a ZX Uno board. It's a complete Spectrum (and much more) implemented flawlessly on an FPGA. Looking around for a case, I spotted my vacant Speccy case, and so in it went!

                  It's obviously not a perfect fit. It took some cutting and filing to achieve...

                  I cobbled together bits from my "I might use this one day" boxes to take VGA, power and PS/2 keyboard to the back. The SD card slot for the ZX Uno is a full sized one, so I glued an adaptor in place, and now there's a micro SD card slot easily accessible. (The video and audio out happened to line up perfectly with two existing cut-outs in this position as well - very lucky!) A speaker from an old PC is fed audio through a little amplifier circuit, and a volume wheel is added to a cut-out at the front because it got VERY loud...)


                  I make no excuses for the quantity of hot glue. I wasn't doing this for anyone but me


                  But what of the keyboard? And some kind of joystick? Glad you asked.

                  Using a combination of conductive copper tape, PVC insulation tape and solder (with LOTS of flux so the tip wasn't near the plastic for too long) I added a kinda membrane keyboard thing. My favourite layout for Spectrum games (QAOPM) is set up as a joypad which goes down into the 9-pin D socket. (It feels wonderful.) I have a PS/2 keyboard for everything else.


                  My Xbox idea


                  Thanks to David we've seen just how much space is wasted with the optical drive removed. LOADS! There's also HDMI pass-through, and plenty of amps hanging around the PSU. I'd drop a Pi 4B, a couple of USB 3.0 drives and a wireless keyboard/mouse dongle into the empty cavern (making sure that the wireless side of things isn't nobbled by RF shielding, naturally) and take the HDMI output to the input on the Xbox. Hey presto, one double-team home server and entertainment platform!

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                  • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                    Hi all!


                    If I'll win the XBox One, I'd like to modify it in order to make it portable, adding mostly a liquid cooling system, just like I did several months ago on my Sony PlayStation 4.
                    Here are some pictures:

                    As you can see, I created a sort of "suitcase" containing my PS4 (totally disassembled...) and on top I added an LCD display showing all info about all temperatures:

                    I hope to realize it on the XBox One as well!

                    Thank you!

                    Alfio Scuderi

                    • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                      Last year I finished my second Wii portable:

                      Its a very compact and small system made from original Wii hardware. Since there is no emulation it has perfect compatibility and will run any game, though some games will require external wii remotes. It was originally made for the 2018 BitBuilt summer building contest, and I'm making another one this year, though it is far from done at this point.

                      The internals were quite messy, but it worked out lol

                      If anyone wants to read the build process: https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/finished-swiitch-2-0-bocuds-second-wii-portable.1711/

                      The worklog for my current project: https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/swiitch-2-5rev2.2749/

                      If I got the Xbox I would probably use it to try and make a slimmed down version of it (considering there's no disc drive), or even a portable system if the thermal constraints aren't as bad as I'm expecting them to be.

                        • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                          Nice work on the Switch. Were you tempted to try and move the right analogue stick too - or were you limited by the original PCB? How do you think your efforts will compare to the Switch Lite?


                          Good Luck!

                            • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                              The switch is just there for comparison actually, the other black portable has a wii inside. The wii is trimmed to make it fit, and there are a bunch of extra components to "make it work" in this form factor. Something like this would be doable with a switch as well, but considering how complicated the board in the switch is in comparison to the wii it would probably be more difficult to get it smaller then the original board. With a switch lite it would be easier probably yeah.

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                          • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                            Portable GameCube/Wii of mine that I closed up a couple months ago! I designed the case in AutoDesk Inventor from the ground up, and themed the device after Louie from the Pikmin series.  It's got a real Wii inside so that all games run at full speed.  It also gets over 5 hours of battery life.


                            I've never actually owned a non-Nintendo console before, so the Xbox would be a completely new horizon for me.  I wouldn't be able to make a true handheld device with it, as it's definitely going to be consuming too much power to run it off of batteries with any sort of success, but a laptop-esque design would be a lot of fun!  I'm also starting to get into molding controller buttons for custom controllers, so I'd love to have an Xbox controller to mold buttons from for all sorts of projects, maybe future portables, maybe just cool controllers for my friends.



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                            • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                              Not my best work but currently the only custom designed controller I own. I can only imagine the designs I could make on the xbox console if I had the opportunity.

                              • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                I've modded several consoles over the years, my most recent was putting a Raspberry Pi Zero in an old snes cartridge.


                                My plans for the Xbox would to find a way to Install it in a hidden spot in my travel trailer.  We go camping a lot during the summer and I often bring a console for my kids to play or stream media on when its raining or are just getting bored.  The fact that discs don't need to be inserted and it can be turned on by the controller make me want to find a spot to have it hidden and run an HDMI cable to the wall mounted TV

                                • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                  I can’t officially enter because I am not 18 yet, but I thought it might be cool to show one of my first projects that I would recreate. Its an original xbox with a clear case and led modded. I used a cd to attach the leds in parallel. It worked really well because the cd reflected the light. The picture doesn't look as good as it did in person. I ended up selling this one for $80 at the time because I didn’t know how to do other mods. I am going to recreate one with the original xbox for when I go to college, but tsop flash and use rgb leds instead. I would use rgb leds with an xbox one s if I had one spare. With all the extra space and power in the xbox one s the leds would be pretty simple. I would maybe look in to adding an ssd with the extra space and 3d printing an adapter.

                                  • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                    I have never modded anything, well, I do trim my nails, and I lobed the tip of my thumb off, soo, hey I did do some modding lol. I've never had an Xbox system before, PlayStation loyalist here, but I could be persuaded to, you know, switch sides. wink wink

                                    my hand you creep

                                    • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                      This is my PiBoy I built with a Pi Zero. It has 4 action button on the front plus 2 more on the back. The Pi Boy also has a rechargeable battery, lcd screen, and a sound amp. I used my 3d printer to replace the battery holder on the back and for stands inside the case to hold the screen in place. I had to purchase more than one Game Boy to use the buttons and contacts from 2 separate units. The boards were cut and hot glued in place. Hardest part was scraping the solder mask and soldering to the small copper traces.

                                      My XBOX IDEA!

                                      I would build a custom case (Flux Capacitor) using my 3d printer to hold the Xbox, HDMI switcher, Raspberry Pi, and some lights. The switcher, lights, xbox power-button, and IR will be controlled by the Pi via SSH. Im in the process of updating my workshop/office and running cat6 with HDMI/Network converters. This would be an awesome edition to my shop so I can watch some Netflix and play some games in my workshop or office. 

                                      • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                        Modify a game box? Darn why would you.

                                        • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!


                                          Converted a PC Gamepad to use with a Commodore 64 or Atari 2600

                                          Made a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkaDKfjnkOc


                                          What would we do with the XBOX one S All-Digital Edition?

                                          Hmm... I know... Make it pass butter.

                                          • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                            This is the portable Raspbery Pi powered Retrorig I created last year in my college dorm.


                                            Side view shows the kickstand that folds out, charging port in lower right hand corner, and access to Raspberry Pi USB ports.


                                            It features a custom 12.6V battery pack made from 3 li-ion 18650 batteries, a 7 inch display, a built in 8ohm speaker, a potentiometer volume knob, 5 buttons to control the settings of the LCD panel, HDMI out for playing on a larger TV, audio out for headphone use, and up to 4 player gaming with wireless xbox controllers.


                                            Here is a view of the 3D model in Fusion 360 that I designed. The case is entirely 3D printed using my TEVO Tornado and the device currently stands today as my primary game console .


                                            XBOX ONE S: If I win the Xbox One S, I would make a table with a hidden compartment that opens with a remote to reveal a Xbox/Projector hybrid + controllers, turning my seemingly blank wall into a giant screen. Then I would proceed to play Red Dead Redemption 2 for multiple days straight...


                                            P.S. Thank you for this excellent giveaway Element14! It was really cool to see everyone's projects! Good luck everyone!

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                                            • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                              So I think am not eligible for this awesome Giveaway. And I also hope more such Giveaways come by.

                                              I never had a Hardware gadgets to mod and thinker about. Here in India I couldn't afford one of those awesome gadgets they costed a lot.

                                              But more than Hardware Mods I do something called software tweaking. I call myself as a Junior Software Engineer (JUST FUN). I do a lot of experiments with my PC (My World). Some of my small projects were -

                                              - PacMan (Not just a PacMan but a Multiplayer PacMan using JS)

                                              - Tweaked a PS3 OS for Overclocking the hardware. One of my friends helped he in adding the water cooling.

                                              - DevNetHost (A simple software for quickly forwarding ports and also creating micro sites for short term use)

                                              - A basic LFS image (Linux From Scratch)

                                              - I often do help some small businesses in my locality put up Google Business.

                                              My Current Projects

                                              - R4R (Resource for Resource)

                                              - XeonAJ-OS (I call it my super intelligent OS)


                                              My XBOX Idea -

                                              Not really Great but I think it would work right.

                                              IDEA 1) Me and friends are already thinking to alter the Xbox OS. This OS is almost made like our beloved Windows 10 OS but with a lot of secure enhancement. So we just found some ways to edit the OS image in a emulated environment and reload it back to Xbox One. We aren't sure if this is ever gonna be a success as we have never been exposed to Xbox console's other than a PS3 used some years back. If we win this giveaway this will be our first ever Xbox OS MOD. Xbox One SDK are leaked so modding there software should be a easy start. (From https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/forums/xbox-one-modding.463/ )

                                              IDEA 2) Well on the hardware side. I love RGBs so adding some RGB extending the power from a internal power supply and connecting it to a Rpi0 for contol which would sync with my Windows PC Gaming theme. Maybe add Another Rpi0 for controlling the power and another wireless controller connected to some more USB connection. And changing the internal HDD to SSD (LATER).

                                              So what happens is I simple connect Xbox One S to a display do some manual settings then remove the display and just keep the xbox powered.

                                              And when I need to play some games I can simple send a command to the Rpi0 which will turn on the Xbox and another command to start controlling the Xbox from my PC and another command to start playing a game from xbox on my PC. This is way cool.

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                                              • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                                Never modded any gaming console on my own.

                                                But I would like to share a xbox 360 laptop project of my friends and I helped them for brief period of time back in 2012 when they were working on its first prototype version.

                                                I helped my friends in its custom Arduino PCB, touch sensor programming and interfacing of Laptop LCD with xbox 360.

                                                All the details are available here.


                                                • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                                  I am not sure if this would count as modding a handheld or gaming system, but I did mod an official Raspberry Pi keyboard and added a Raspberry Pi Zero W to it. I cutout holes for the HDMI, USB and power ports as well as added an LED and power button for safe shutdowns.


                                                  What I would do with that XBOX One S would be to set it up in our play room so that my little boy and I could play Minecraft and Roblox together. He enjoys playing those games on our XBOX, but I think it would be great to have to ability to play together online with this one.


                                                  Also, since this XBOX has dual HDMI, one for In and one for Out, I might try to take the HDMI In off the main board and see if I can solder a Raspberry Pi Zero to in there and turn it into a retro gaming console on one side and keep the XBOX side for modern gaming


                                                  Here is a top-down view of the keyboard with the power button sticking out

                                                  Keyboard intact

                                                  Inside of the Pi with power and LED wires hooked up

                                                  Inside of keyboard with Pi and components

                                                  Here is the back view with the holes cutout for the cables

                                                  Back view of keyboard with holes cutout

                                                  Here is another back view with the cables attached and power on. Had to purchase a short USB Micro to USB Micro for the Pi to Keyboard. I may solder those pins later on to lessen the clutter, but I enjoy using this as a keyboard for my other PIs and having this one internal

                                                  back of keyboard with power and cables plugged in


                                                  PS. - If that keyboard doesn't work, below is a picture of an arcade cabinet I built with my FiL that is running a Pi 3B+ with RetroPie. Also, cute pic of my little boy playing some old school Mario on it


                                                  RetroPie Arcade I built


                                                  Edit: Fixed Xbox Out to In for Raspberry Pi and clarified what I would use the Xbox a bit more

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                                                  • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                                    Winner announced?


                                                    Love seeing everyones work, actually gave me some ideas and tips on future projects.

                                                    • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!


                                                      The winner of the Xbox One S is gingerofoz!!!

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                                                      • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                                        Congrats gingerofoz !

                                                        Best of luck modding the next portable console!

                                                        • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                                          Congratulations!! gingerofoz. You did it

                                                          • Re: Win a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition!!

                                                            Wow, this is awesome!  Thank you so much guys!