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    How AI and Smart Technology are Transforming the Tech Sector | The Business of Engineering Podcast

      The Business of Engineering podcast is a monthly round table discussion in which startup leaders and entrepreneurs discuss various issues related to working in the tech and electronics market. This is the discussion thread for Episode Eleven - How AI and Smart Technology are Transforming the Tech Sector



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      Episode Summary


      In 2018, there were over 79 million devices with embedded AI. This is expected to rise to 1.2 billion devices by 2023. The rise of embedded and connected devices across the tech sector provides valuable new opportunities for innovation, data analysis, automation and more.


      In this month's round table, we discuss the potential impact of the rise of AI and the opportunities this presents for tech startups.




      Taras Lanchev

      Founder and Director of Calbot, an innovative meeting scheduling tool for teams and groups.


      Keith McCabe

      CEO at Simplifai Systems Limited, an AI-based solution that generates real-time traffic control strategies for complex issues such as major events, pollution, traffic incidents and unexpected congestion


      Daniel Burkhardt Cerigo

      A freelance Data Scientist specializing in AI Systems


      Talking points addressed in this episode...


      • Introductions [0.00]
      • Are we living in the Golden Age of Artificial Intelligence? [2.15]
      • Common misconceptions about A.I. and Machine Learning [6.15]
      • Navigating the talent drought and recruiting talented A.I. professionals [13.00]
      • Connected Devices and Data Ethics [21.15]
      • The challenges of incorporating AI into established business models [38.00]
      • The Globalisation of A.I. and Machine Learning  [46.30]


      Have you experienced any of the issues discussed in this episode? Share your thoughts, questions for our guest contributors and any feedback you might have in the comments section below.


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