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    Can anyone recommend recent beginner tutorials for EAGLE?


      Hello everyone,,

      I've found a thousand and one tutorials that are clearly out of date, including the Eagle YouTube channel's First Flights series. I am finding the software difficult to learn on my own, and am puzzled by the fact that, amid a surfeit of choices in the software's downright galactic component library, I can't find things like the ATtiny85 or simple red LEDs. I can't figure out how to even delete components, and the "Move" function appears to be temperamental.

      That gives you an idea of where I'm at in my learning. Does anyone know of any recent tutorials, emphasis on recent? All the ones from 2017 or even early 2018 show a different HUD, and the libraries look different. I don't need to make custom parts, I just want to turn my breadboard version of this simple Instructables project into a PCB.

      Update: Thanks everyone for your inputs. I tried both Eagle and KiCad and will be going with the latter. It worked right out of the box. Specifically, I found all the components I need in about one minute on KiCad, whereas in Eagle I couldn't find half my components after several hours of downloading/updating, reading the documentation, and watching a dozen tutorials on YouTube.

      In KiCad I finished my schematic in under one hour, whereas after days of fumbling with Eagle I still can't even figure out how to delete or even move certain components. I gather that countless pros obviously get what they need from Eagle, but I can't imagine learning it as a self-taught amateur.

      The KiCad tutorial series I used was this one, from Skinny R&D. I found it crystal clear, and what I saw in the video tutorial mostly matched up with the latest build, which I am using....