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    Azure Sphere starting kit stopped working


      I am sorry to inform you that my Starting kit MT3620 Azure Sphere board stopped working.

      I was able to ping every day for three days.

      During this time, I worked out several examples from online tutorials.

      Using the Oled display based on the advanced tutorial, I have accidentally touched with my hand the back side of the module, trying to test the accelerometer.

      No smoke, but the board is now dead. No power in from USB or 5V input.

      Sorry for this incident, maybe another time ...

      Good luck to the other participants and do not touch the back side of the board!

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          In same boat here. I was playing around with the board, working on the tutorials and everything was working fine. Then I realized I had to log daily for the prizes. Difference between 1st day & 2nd way a change in USB cable and poof, it does not work any more. No combinations of powering (USB / 5V / VBat) is able to bring it to life. Seems like the dev-kit has problems in it's design of power management.

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            I'm sorry you guys are having issues with your hardware.  You can contact the site where you got your kit and request a replacement.


            One other user on the Hackster site had a similar issue and documented a way to bypass the on-board failed MPS Buck Regulator, that fixed his issue.  I know this is not a good solution for most, but I wanted to share what he documented.  The link to his post is here: https://www.hackster.io/contests/SecureEverything/discussion/posts/5218#challengeNav



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                Your suggestion has merit in that it provides an work around. Kudo's to the individual that thinks it up but that is an unreasonable expectation to put on a participant.


                I do think it is important to capture the experience of those that fail. Root cause analysis is something the vendor no doubt would like to know.


                If standing on one foot, rubbing your head, while chewing gum causes failures, the vendor can include a warning card to dissuade this activity.



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                Problem solved! Thanks to David Lopez Rubio the solution is simple and with minimal costs and repair time. With usual tools and a widely available MPS Buck Regulator 5V to 3.3 V and 2A, anyone can fix it. If you have a hot-air soldering station: better final aspect. The Azure Sphere board, which is a marvel of technology, works again as new.

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                    I was able to register my device and got it working for one day.  It wouldn't update to the latest version so I kept pressing the reset button to have it update. Unfortunately, the board lights went off suddenly and I have not been able to get it back on again.  MVP, I was hoping you could include a pic of the part and a small description the fix so I can try to get it fixed myself?   

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                        The steps to follow are indicated here:


                        Begin with the advises of Peter Fenn:

                        "It is unlikely that the onboard DC/DC regulator will have failed!
                        A more likely cause of reported power issue (for small subset of kits) is the high threshold of Starter Kit's under-voltage lockout circuit (UVLO).
                        You can check this aspect of your Starter Kit as follows:

                        1. Try a different USB cable
                        2. Connect power from a different 5V source (e.g. cell phone charger)
                        3. Try connecting the USB cable to a different computer
                        4. Avoid using an un-powered USB hub."

                        Then, if nothing works, you will find in that post all details for custom repair (if you do not prefer asking for a replacement!).

                        Good luck!

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                            You raise an interesting point regarding cable selection.


                            I have experienced problems with USB cables. Things work fine initially and then become flaky over time.


                            I have a vendor's piece of test equipment that failed to work using the USB cable provided. I just replaced the offending wire link and solved the issue. I threw the cable in the garbage rather than argue with the vendor.


                            All cables are not made the same. I try to keep only a collection of what I consider good cables in my lab. I still occasionally come across a really nice physically looking cable the sucks for carrying power or moving data. Making them yourself ensures they are what you want but that is just not feasible so buying from a reputable cable maker is important.