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    Azure Sphere starting kit stopped working


      I am sorry to inform you that my Starting kit MT3620 Azure Sphere board stopped working.

      I was able to ping every day for three days.

      During this time, I worked out several examples from online tutorials.

      Using the Oled display based on the advanced tutorial, I have accidentally touched with my hand the back side of the module, trying to test the accelerometer.

      No smoke, but the board is now dead. No power in from USB or 5V input.

      Sorry for this incident, maybe another time ...

      Good luck to the other participants and do not touch the back side of the board!

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          In same boat here. I was playing around with the board, working on the tutorials and everything was working fine. Then I realized I had to log daily for the prizes. Difference between 1st day & 2nd way a change in USB cable and poof, it does not work any more. No combinations of powering (USB / 5V / VBat) is able to bring it to life. Seems like the dev-kit has problems in it's design of power management.