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    Vault problems


      I have problem in CircuitStudio using the Search component in the Altium Vault


      I only get the message "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"


      If I look in the Vault folders I can find all type of components, but the Search function does not work

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          Hmm, nobody else piped in on this one...my advice (not shared by all):

          DO NOT USE VAULT. It was perhaps a good idea at some point, but very, very badly implemented.  I tried to make it work when I first got started with CS, and gave up after a few weeks of misery.  Yeah it looks all good (once you find a part, which is no easy undertaking due to one of the most inept UI design I have seen)  at first...until it trashes your work.  It's not even good at being a "source" for copying in to your own library(s) (Peter was kind enough to document the steps, but I am not linking to them as I don't want to encourage you to waste more time)


          These days most big distris link to libraries either from vendors themselves, or to 3rd party component sites.  If there was something 'only' in vault you can go to the Altium website  and get the libraries. https://designcontent.live.altium.com/   (and I think that's not been touched/updated in > a year?)


          As an aside, even if you get the footprint, symbol, and 3D model from the vendor, it can still be wrong...just had to redo a 40 pin QFN because they did it with half the pads on 0.40 centers and half on 0.50...even worse they made the 3D model to match so it looked at first like everything lined up.  Garbage in, garbage out.


          Yeah, it annoys me that the whole EDA & parts supplier industries simply can not get their S#!t together on parts libraries and has made it so everyone pretty much has to reinvent the wheel on every project.