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    Using GPIO2 Baremetal


      So i have been playing around with the Kit a little and i find it quite difficult to find any documentation whatsoever.


      I pulled the GPIO sample application from



      Changing the GPIO pin from 8 to 9 or 10 drives the expected LED, however, changing this to pin 2 does nothing.


      I assume it is on a different GPIO block but i am not sure and can't really find anything.

      What am i missing here?


      I have been considering to replace an STM32 in a current project with the MT3620 but so far, using this thing just feels incredibly messy and cumbersome.

      Tons of sample code that is practically uncommented and unexplained definitions everywhere for which you gotta dig through the references because there is no info of what is going on.


      What i am currently trying to do as a getting into it project is drive some servos (pulse/direction) based on gyro data