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    Azure Sphere can't see iPhone Hot Spot


      I was able to get through all the steps of the Azure Sphere setup, up until I need to connect to wifi to get the device updated. I am in a locked down corporate environment, and need to use a phone hot spot for development. I am on the latest version of iOS (12.4).


      I have tried adding my hot spot SSID using the "azsphere device wifi add --ssid <yourSSID> --key <yourNetworkKey>"


      Unfortunately, this does not seem to work, and it doesn't see my iOS hot spot. I checked by running "azsphere device wifi scan" and it does see many other ssid's (that I don't have access to) so I know the wifi is working. I also confirmed it added my ssid by using the azsphere device wifi list command. I do see the SSID from my PC, and am able to connect to it, so I know the hotspot is working.


      Based on some google searching, I believe the iOS hotspot is using WPA 2 Personal.  According to the MSDN documentation section "Configure Networking" it says that you need WPA/WPA2. Can anyone confirm that Azure Sphere should be able to use this? Or is there any step I am missing?

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          The Azure Sphere will work with an iPhone IOS 12.4.  I just checked it with my iPhone.  I also did check-ins for a week from the road using it.


          After adding my hotspot, I did need to enable it.  After ADD, it was disabled by default.  By doing the azsphere device wifi scan, my phone's "connected" banner pulses to tell me that it's at least pinging the phone.


          Hope this helps.

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