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    baremetal programming on picozed 7015/7030 (v1)


      I'm following the tutorial in

      Tutorial 2 -- First application - Hello world for Vivado 2016.4 (I got vivado 2016.4 so I can follow the tutorial verbatim)


      It says:

      8. Click Browse and select the System_wrapper.hdf file generated during the

      Export process from Vivado. This will be included in the archive provided by the

      hardware engineer. Or, if you are continuing from the first tutorial, you will find

      it in a similar location as here:



      I didn't see (or know where to get) the "System_wrapper.hdf file.


      So I got 2016.04 vivado.

      I followed:

      Tutorial 01 Build the Zynq Hardware Platform

      for 2016.4

      (since that's the newest one -- when I get something working, I'll move on to something newer)


      On page 3, it lists a whole range of picozed boards from em.avnet.com.   I figured the process would be straightforward.


      But attached is what I see (no picozed).


      FWIW, I've been doing embedded work for 30 years ;-)   This is new for me (I have a client who wants me to do software work,

      not hardware work).


      I'm interested in getting my jtag adapter working -- but it seems I need a good "board description" to do anything.