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    Lapdock mod needed


      A mod that is hopefully easy to make that I need is a simple mod to allow a z to dock to a Motorola (attic) lapdock.  This dock was originally for the Motorola Atrix and available through AT&T.  At the time the Android OS was not capable of using it and a "separate" OS (pre-chromebook) was what you used while docked.  With advancements in Android this lapdock would be a HUGE hit with no changes required.


      A newer lapdock could later be released with an updated screen, battery, sound, usb3, etc and would also be a huge hit and finally wipeout any remaining distinction between phones and desktop/laptop computers once and for all.


      I have 2 lapdocks and 17+ years Linux experience.  I'm also a descent maker.  I'm just not a developer.


      Anyone interested in created this mod with me?