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    So long, and thanks for all the fish

      I've had a brilliant time championing & supporting CircuitStudio and other software products for Farnell/Newark/Element14 both directly and here on the community. Alas, the end is nigh - I have been caught up in the latest round of redundancies brought on by a sustained slowdown in the general marketplace.


      You are a great community and it has been a pleasure serving you all. I would say "don't panic" as temporary plans are now in place as I transition out of the organisation. The company will continue to provide support so you can still contact software@element14.com and connect with my (soon to be former) colleagues. Hang on in there regarding CircuitStudio - although no software update is imminent if the currently vague plans of Altium come to fruition then you should all have something to look forward to.


      I'll be off by the end of this week to contemplate life, the universe and everything - at least until I find that next great opportunity that I hope will be as good as the one I'm just finishing.


      All the best to everyone,