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    PYNQ for sensors on Microzed 7020


      Hello all,

      I need help about some issues with the MicroZed7020:

      Integrate 7 to 12 sensors on IIC / SPI with possibility for minimum 512k/s 16bit data retrieval.
      Data would be sampled at the same time and then processed on the microzed 7020
      Operating system would be PYNQ 2.4+ / linux with full support for overlays and third party PYNQ libraries.

      We have DSP algo's and machine learning models we want to implement and need on-board data display on web dashboard - PYNQ.

      We have tried to implement PYNQ on the microzed 7020 with the IOCC carrier card.
      The problems in integrating it include:
      Very old incompatible Avnet support files ( MicroZed | Zedboard  see documents down to the page on the right).
      Tutorials and other information so old it's 2013!
      PYNQ poor documentation on the boards overall requirements so unable to accurately spec a base overlay for the Microzed 7020 that can communicate with the IOCC.
      We feel like the Microzed 7020 is an abandoned product as it is clear that there is no recent support updates from Avnet to make it usable with modern software versions.
      We would use the Ultra96 but it has very little IO and our sensor requirements would not easily be met.
      The overlays and the pmod compatibility is not in PYNQ for the Ultra96.

      The original PYNQ board is a ZYNQ-7 series 7020 board
      Our board is based on the same chip - Microzed 7020

      Seems simple with the right support to install PYNQ on this board and use pmod connectors on the IOCC.

      Can you help me or suggest something to resolve those problems ?

      Thanks in advance.
      I'll wait your feedback.
      Best regards,