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    Is There a Type of Sensor You Need But Have Been Unable to Find?


      I'd like to thank everyone for participating in the Dream SensorBoard program. I've always felt that the DreamBoard projects have always been one of the most fun ways to "sense" what is on everyone's mind.


      Speaking of sensing and senors in general....


      I had a conversation with someone yesterday. He was wondering if any of the community members was looking for a type of sensor but could not find it. (I'm not referring to stocking, but the type of sensor.)


      I had to think a moment. Environmental sensors are more than covered as I see it. Perhaps there are sensors for soil monitoring that are perhaps rare, but I bet they exist. Motion sensors I would say are mostly covered. While there are motion or location sensors that could be improved (i.e., more degrees of freedom), they do exist. Voltage/Current/Power sensors are covered. Light sensors are covered (IR, Visible Ambient, and other forms of electromagnetic radiation). Sound sensors are covered with ye old microphone, etc.


      I'm running out of types of sensors. So, I'll volley the ball to you.


      Question: Is There a Type of Sensor You Need But Have Been Unable to Find?