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    Bone_D64 error


      I did get the image to install on my Black Beagle and it does talk to windows.   How ever the Bone D64 file is not on the device.   Is it possiable I installed the wrong image.   I did the one for IOT.



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          There is a long discussion here about Bone_D64.exe  -- are you using Win7?  Windows10? 



          The experts RobertCNelson and Jason K join the discussion, and it sounds like different versions of Windows 10 have different needs.  My reading of the discussion tells me that Bone_D64.exe is no longer required.  I could be wrong though, I've only used Linux to talk to the Beaglebone.


          You say it "does talk to Windows", so does that mean Cloud9 and / or ssh is working to program the Beaglebone?

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            Hi Daniel,


            I didn't even know about Bone_D64.exe.. I recently tried running the BBB with Windows 10, and like Allen says, I too found no executable was needed in my case. After the D: drive (or whatever letter) appeared, I was able to see the 192.168.7.x network appear too, configured to an interface (I saw this using ipconfig /all in a Windows command prompt) so that could be worth checking. If you see that, then you're ready to SSH to it without using any executable.

            This applied for me to both the IoT and the regular image.


            EDIT: Here's a link to the steps I took to get the BBB running using Windows 10: Getting Started with BeagleBone Black

            It's pretty much the same as the official instructions, but just rewritten from my install experience, in the hope that sometimes it's useful to have a secondary perspective to read from.

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                To be honest.   I did not have an update image on the beagle.   The LED blinking scheme got me.     The image does not really load unless the lights are going left and right in order.   That was the problem.   I no problem ping GPIO now.  

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