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    Double billing for CS renewal


      I have was contacted recently by Altium sales to inform me that the payment for the Circuit Studio annual subscription was pending.
      I was a bit surprised as I have renewed the subscription early June.
      However I have assumed that the invoice was not paid because our Circuit Studio account was blocked.
      I have payed a second time using the link that Altium sales has given to me and received a confirmation of payment.
      However after checking our company bank account it appears that the payment for the renewal that was done the first time in June went though and the money was taken from the company bank account. 

      Altium sales team has charged us twice the amount of the subscription and will need to refund the extra amount taken or transfer one of the subscription for the next year if that is more convenient.
      The problem is there is no one to answer the phone or emails they have given
      sales.na@altium.com; sales.ap@altium.com
      At the moment I don't really know how to contact Altium to ask for refund or a credit for next year.