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    I'm trying to compiling openamp for ultra96-V2 cortex-r5


      I'm trying to compile openAMP for ultra96-V2 but end up with below error


      [  5%] Building C object lib/CMakeFiles/metal-static.dir/dma.c.obj

      In file included from /home/ubuntu/2019/ultra96-V2/libmetal/new1/lib/include/metal/system/generic/sys.h:28:0,

                       from /home/ubuntu/2019/ultra96-V2/libmetal/new1/lib/include/metal/sys.h:81,

                       from /home/ubuntu/2019/ultra96-V2/libmetal/new1/lib/include/metal/io.h:22,

                       from /home/ubuntu/2019/ultra96-V2/libmetal/new1/lib/include/metal/device.h:16,

                       from /home/ubuntu/2019/ultra96-V2/libmetal/lib/dma.c:9:

      /home/ubuntu/2019/ultra96-V2/libmetal/new1/lib/include/metal/system/generic/./zynqmp_r5/sys.h:17:21: fatal error: xscugic.h: No such file or directory

      #include "xscugic.h"


      After the error I got some questions.

      1] If we want to compile openAMP is it mandatory to use Yocto or petalinux ?

      2] I found out some links with help of below link can I compile openamp ?





      I'm new to this domain so any help will be highly appreciated.

      Thank you for support!!!