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    I'm trying to compiling openamp for ultra96-V2 cortex-r5


      I'm trying to compile openAMP for ultra96-V2 but end up with below error


      [  5%] Building C object lib/CMakeFiles/metal-static.dir/dma.c.obj

      In file included from /home/ubuntu/2019/ultra96-V2/libmetal/new1/lib/include/metal/system/generic/sys.h:28:0,

                       from /home/ubuntu/2019/ultra96-V2/libmetal/new1/lib/include/metal/sys.h:81,

                       from /home/ubuntu/2019/ultra96-V2/libmetal/new1/lib/include/metal/io.h:22,

                       from /home/ubuntu/2019/ultra96-V2/libmetal/new1/lib/include/metal/device.h:16,

                       from /home/ubuntu/2019/ultra96-V2/libmetal/lib/dma.c:9:

      /home/ubuntu/2019/ultra96-V2/libmetal/new1/lib/include/metal/system/generic/./zynqmp_r5/sys.h:17:21: fatal error: xscugic.h: No such file or directory

      #include "xscugic.h"


      After the error I got some questions.

      1] If we want to compile openAMP is it mandatory to use Yocto or petalinux ?

      2] I found out some links with help of below link can I compile openamp ?





      I'm new to this domain so any help will be highly appreciated.

      Thank you for support!!!

        • Re: I'm trying to compiling openamp for ultra96-V2 cortex-r5

          OpenAMP uses CMake for library and demonstration application compilation. OpenAMP requires libmetal library. For now, you will need to download and compile libmetal library separately before you compiling OpenAMP library. In future, we will try to make libmetal as a submodule to OpenAMP to make this flow easier.

          So did you build libmetal first? Once that is donw, the problem above should be resolved. So to #1,

          Install libsysfs devel and libhugetlbfs devel packages on your Linux host.

          This implies yes to one of those.  BTW the second link has most of the details. But porting is non trivial.