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    How do I connect Vcc or signal to multifunctional pin


      Hi all, I am working on this Arduino project which involves reading non-volatile memory. Since the design is to be compatible with memory chips of different sizes, I need to be able to configure the connections for each of these chips.

      I have one pin in particular that for one chip is an address line (A13) and for another chip it is Vcc. Fr other pins, I can easily use a multiplexor to select the right signal that should go to the pin; however, I am wary about doing this for a Vccline sine this will need a higher current than the signal lines.


      Specifically, I am looking at 32K x 8 and 2K x 8 chips. When placed in the socket, pin 26 (with respect to a 28 pin package) should be Vcc for the 2K chip or A13 for the 8K chip.


      Any orientation is welcomed! Thank you, Saga