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    Generate Outputs produces more files than requested


      Hi all,

      In some project I find that using a normal output generation definition causes the outputs files to be generated in a loop for two or even three times.

      As an exampe, with a definition like this, and with no variants.

      The output folder looks like:

      where every output type is produced three times (in this case).
      The folder contents are identical apart a slight difference in generation date.

      The generation follows this scheme:
      First generates all standard outputs, then instead of stopping continue overwriting the main pdv and proceeds generating all xxx2 outputs, and again overwrites once more the main pdf and continue generating the xxx3 folders.
      This apparently without any specific settings change.

      Dos anyone else experience this problem?



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          Very strange indeed. The groups occur even minutes apart. If I were to guess, the button seems to have been "pushed" or "triggered" each time. How is the speed of your system? Maybe a click turned into more than 1.


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              I have seen an error like this before.  Not exactly the same but I recollect something about it.  But I'm going to start by asking if you've copied and pasted this project or if you have changed the name between revisions? It's possible that your OutJob file is adding the same outputs over and over again when the project is copied or renamed.


              You will get outputs based on the contents of the *.OutJob file.  It's in your project directory.  Open it up with a text editor such as Notepad++.  You should see something like the following for each output that you desire:

              OutputType4=PCB 3D Print

              OutputName4=PCB 3D Print











              I'm guessing that you are seeing three times the amount of outputs than you want.  They are all listed in order from 1 to whatever.  Maybe 15, I'm not sure.  But you've probably got them up to 45.  The easiest way to remedy this problem is to delete your *.OutJob file and create a new one in the 'Generate Outputs' command.  But I'm a proponent for saving information.  Before you delete it, just move it somewhere else so the project won't access it.  You can always edit the file and delete all the extras but that takes more time.  Unless you've got configurations that you don't want to lose, just get rid of the file.


              On a side note, I like to have a 3D view of both the top and the bottom layers in my PDF file.  When I generate the outputs I first make an output showing the Bottom layer.  Then I save a copy of the OutJob file.  Then I generate more outputs showing the Top layer.  Then I open up the OutJob file and insert the bottom 3D output under the Top 3D output.  But I need to change all of the numbering so that they are in order.  Then when I create the outputs, I will have a PDF with both the top and bottom views in 3D.  Altium has this feature built in but CS does not.  A lot of the troubleshooting that I've had to do is by looking at old Altium files and writing CS files to match.  All of the settings in CS are text-based so you can change a lot more stuff than you think.

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                  Thank you James,

                  It could be close to the correct answer.

                  I know that configuration files are text and sometimes I tweak them, because some details cannot be set using the user interface.

                  Unfortunately this OutJob file seams clean.

                  I don't fully understand all the details but the command: grep "^OutputType" Panel24IP30.OutJob

                  Result in the following:


                  OutputType2=Schematic Print

                  OutputType3=PCB Print

                  OutputType4=PCB 3D Print


                  OutputType6=NC Drill


                  OutputType8=Pick Place


                  OutputType10=Design Rules Check

                  OutputType11=Electrical Rules Check


                  OutputType13=Board Stack Report



                  Does not look like there are repetition of the output types and seems pretty following the Output Configuration dialog.


                  Any other suggestion?



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                      I don't know the problem could be.  Is this project the only one that has the problem or is it every project?  If it's just this one, my recommendation is to copy the schematic and pcb files into a new project and try again.  I know that I've had to do that with Altium a long time ago.  I haven't had the opportunity with CS yet. 

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                          Thank you for your reply.

                          It's neither one nor all projects. It's a couple of projects among a couple of tens (i.e. about 10% or less)

                          In one of these projects I removed the OutJob file and let CS create a new one.

                          I set all the options through the dialog, but the result is the same.

                          On that project with a brand new and clean OutJob file, I have three times the outputs.

                          It must be something else.

                          I will try to remove the PrjPcb and create a new one from scratch, then copying the files over ...

                          I'll let you know the results.



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                              It seems I have found the problem.

                              Looking around into the PrjPcb file I found the following section:








                              It seems that the single output Job file is referenced twice.

                              I changed that into:






                              And the outputs are generated once.


                              All this solve my problem, but few questions are still around:

                              • Why these lines got screwed? I assure I never edited the file directly, and it seems there is no way to add more than one OutJob file using the interface normally. Probably this looks like a bug.
                              • Why the result of this problem was to generate three times the outputs? Assuming the reference is correct, it should have generated only two copies of the output. Again seems a bug.


                              Anyway glad to have found a fix to this problem.

                              Should anyone else experience the problem here is the solution.




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