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    Change output files title



      Is there a way to define file names of output files such as BOM, PnP, GBR etc that are not derived from the name of the PrjPCB/CSPCBDoc files?

      For instance, now the BOM is generated with the following file name: 'BOM_PartType-projectname_A(MAIN).xls'. Instead I would prefer 'BOM_PCBnumber' where PCBnumber will be defined separately.

      The GBR files are generated with 'Dxxxxxx_A.GBS' where Dxxxxxx_A is the layout CSPCBDoc name. Instead I would prefer ''PCBnumber.GBS''


      Thank you in advance.

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          Some of these are established naming conventions. Use


          • Export - click this button to access the Export Report From Project dialog. Use this dialog to define where, and under what name, the report is to be saved, and choosing the export format. The following formats are supported:
            • Microsoft Excel Worksheet (*.xls).
            • Adobe PDF (*.pdf).
            • Rich Text Format (RTF) (*.rtf).
            • Web Page (*.htm; *.html).
            • Web Layer (CSS) (*.htm; *.html).
            • JPEG Image File (*.jpg).
            • Window Bitmap File (*.bmp).
            • TIFF Image File (*.tif).

            To create the format and names as you wish...

          • Clem