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    How to Innovate | The Business of Engineering Podcast

      The Business of Engineering podcast is a monthly round table discussion in which startup leaders and entrepreneurs discuss various issues related to working in the tech and electronics market. This is the discussion thread for Episode Eleven - How AI and Smart Technology are Transforming the Tech Sector

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      Episode Summary


      Innovation is one of the most crucial aspects of staying ahead of the competition in a crowded technology market. From simple enhancements to game-changing developments, your success in fostering a community of ideas can make-or-break your business.


      In this month's episode of the Business of Engineering podcast, we talk to three successful entrepreneurs about how they promote innovation in their own businesses, and how and where they get their own best ideas...




      William Fish

      Founder of Manulytica, a start-up business focusing on using RF and Cloud technologies to create solutions for the Logistics & Manufacturing markets.


      Danny Manu

      Founder of Mymanu, a manufacturer and designer of smart consumer electronics that enrich people’s experience through the power of sound.


      Rob Hughes

      MD and Founder of Pivotal Drinks, a manufacturer of functional drinks in the NutriCosmetic sector. He is also the Brand Owner of RE-NU-ME, a functional NutriCosmetic brand that produces first to market vegan and vegetarian NutriWaters that target hair & skin health from within.


      Talking points addressed in this episode...


      • Introductions [0.00]
      • Taking risks and embracing failure [2.15]
      • Lessons learned from major players in innovation... [11.40]
      • How to foster creativity while growing and consolidating your business [22.10]
      • Encouraging innovation from the top down [29.10]
      • The biggest barriers to innovation... and how to overcome them [37.10]
      • Where do you get your best ideas?  [44.30]


      Have you experienced any of the issues discussed in this episode? Share your thoughts, questions for our guest contributors and any feedback you might have in the comments section below.


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