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    UltraZed EV on Carrier Card




      Does anyone have informationexperience regarding PCIe on the UltraZed EV SOM using the Carrier Card?  Like to carrier card: UltraZed-EV Carrier Card | Zedboard


      The documentation mentions that it includes a PCIe Root Port slot and does not mention the slot/device as an Endpoint.


      It appears the PCIe clock is sourced from the carrier card and the pins on the slot connector for the clock lines do not connect to the FPGA at all.  I think this prohibits use of the card as an Endpoint.


      Are my assuptions correct?  If so, is there an UltraZed combo that can perform as a PCIe endpoint?  The Ultrazed EG SOM and the PCIe carrier card specifically mentions it as an Endpoint.  Has anyone implemented this?


      Thank you for any help you may provide.



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