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    Arduino control VDO playing through LCD Projector


      Hello Everyone who can help me,

      I am the new student in Arduino and try to adopt it in my work. I have the exhibition booth for marketing.
      My project idea, I prefer automation VDO playing through LCD projector when there is person walk into the booth and stop playing after person leave the booth. The beam light hit the object and create the dimension of light and shadow of my interested product.

      I need your guidance or example source code to solution the problem as below:-

      1. How could I use the PIR motion signal  for connectivity through  notebook port?

      2. How could I write the batch file to command VDO playing through LCD Projector when PIR motion signal is state as High ?

      3. How Could I command as question no. 2 for Stop VDO and/or Switching between VDO1, VDO2 and VDO3 include Stop playing when the visitor leave the booth?

      Please give the link the source of learning and/or example source code to me or example of flew. Thank in advance for all of your helping.


      Brgds and a blessed day for you

      Mr.Atchukorn, Thailand