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    What do you want to do/see done on the pi 4?


      I am having so much fun with the Pi 4 as my desktop and finding alternatives and different things to do with it is such an easy task. 


      I thought I would see what other people would like to either do with a pi 4 or see done with it.


      Personally I have it setup as a little studio which is working great.  I am running the following


      Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB) with 5v fan

      Single monitor with built in speakers viewsonic – vs11444

      Logtech 920 Webcam

      Behringer Xenyx Q502 USB / Neewer NW – 700

      USB Powered 2.0 Hub (7port)

      External SSD Drive as main boot drive Kingston 120gb


      Testing power consumption over a 1 month period Leaving the unit powered on the whole time and only using powered mixer when recording only but will be plugged in for the start of the test.


      I still need to run some better speakers for doing some music editing which will be coming shortly into the mix as well. 


      That is my current setup and have plans for more with it as it seems to be preforming better then I had expected.  Will have to get the 4gb version soon as well.



      So with that all being said who else is using the pi4 as a desktop?

      And have you replaced your desktop yet completely?

      What kind of projects or ideas would you suggest for making the pi desktop better?

      What would you do or want to see be done with the pi 4?