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    Ultrazed - custom hardware with PetaLinux


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      I`ve got a question regarding Out of Box Design for ultrazed. I`ve boot it with SD card and everything worked fine. Now I would like to build my own hardware application and make it as Linux. I`ve created project in vivado, exported bitstream into Xilinx SDK and then created BSP for that hardware platform and FSBL application using the newly  created BSP. Now I would like to create SD card boot image with my bitstream. For the bare metal application I normally add FSBL, bitstream and my custom application like for example "Hello world". But what if I would like it to be Linux application? I tried to extra add to boot image partitions files from Out of Box Design like "u-boot.elf", "bl31.elf" and "pmufw.elf" then create boot.bin from them and add the boot.bin with image.ub to SD Card but the only result I saw in console was like  "Xilinx Zynq MP First Stage Boot Loader Release 2018.3   Sep 16 2019  -  09:01:20". Honestly saying I`m a rookie when it comes to Linux applications so I don`t know  whether even the whole idea of copying files for Out of Box Design have any sense. Could someone more experienced explain to me what should I do to run on attached linux my own bitstream?


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          As long as the proper BITSTREAM is being loaded, you just copy the ELF into your file system.  If you are using a flash filesystem, just copy the file to the SDCARD rootfs.  If not, you will need to inject the application into the image.ub, so it is present after boot and ramfs creation.

          As a test, you can just copy the application to a standard thumbdrive and assuming you have the linux permissions proper, just execute from the thumbdrive.  Again, this is assuming you have the proper bitstream loaded.


          If you take a look at SDSoC, it actually handles ALL of this for you, based on the BSP settings.