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    Ultrazed - custom hardware with PetaLinux


      Good morning,


      I`ve got a question regarding Out of Box Design for ultrazed. I`ve boot it with SD card and everything worked fine. Now I would like to build my own hardware application and make it as Linux. I`ve created project in vivado, exported bitstream into Xilinx SDK and then created BSP for that hardware platform and FSBL application using the newly  created BSP. Now I would like to create SD card boot image with my bitstream. For the bare metal application I normally add FSBL, bitstream and my custom application like for example "Hello world". But what if I would like it to be Linux application? I tried to extra add to boot image partitions files from Out of Box Design like "u-boot.elf", "bl31.elf" and "pmufw.elf" then create boot.bin from them and add the boot.bin with image.ub to SD Card but the only result I saw in console was like  "Xilinx Zynq MP First Stage Boot Loader Release 2018.3   Sep 16 2019  -  09:01:20". Honestly saying I`m a rookie when it comes to Linux applications so I don`t know  whether even the whole idea of copying files for Out of Box Design have any sense. Could someone more experienced explain to me what should I do to run on attached linux my own bitstream?


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