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    what are DFM considerations for SMD Component placement on both side of PCB

    ravi butani

      I am designing tiny flight controller for smartphone controlled plane and drone... rev-0 of the same is approx 5cm x 5cm and all components on top as per pic below..

      now I am trying to reduce size and weight of flight controller board by using WiFi SoC chip rather than module and  placing components on both side of board ...

      Please suggest considerations for placing components on both side of PCB board so it can be made by machine (Automatic placement and reflow machine)


      Key Parts:

      ESP32-PICO-D4 chip QFN

      CP2102 USB-UART chip QFN

      MPU6050 ACC-GYRO QFN

      Misc-SMD LEDs, Resistors, Diodes, Caps, LDOs, BJTs, MOSFETs