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    Project14 | Volunteer to Judge the Electronic Toys Competition!


      Electronic Toys

      Enter Your Electronics & Design Project for a chance to win a Grand Prize of a SNES Classic and $200 Shopping Cart of Product!

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      Greetings Members!


      One Grand Prize Winners Receives a SNES Classic and a $200 Shopping Cart! 
      3 First Place Winners Receive a $100 Shopping Cart!


      One of the things that jumps out about the  Electronic Toys is that many of you used this as an opportunity to do something fun for the younger generation of electronics enthusiasts.  Whether you are young or old, these competitions have always been a great platform for learning and having fun at the same time (the best kind of learning).   Every competition is different, this one in particular was all about building toys for learning and fun.   Whether it was a challenging brain puzzler, a weekend project for kids, or spidy suit with built-in intelligence, a way to teach children Arduino, and a musical instrument.  Thank you for taking the time to participate, and inspiring us with your amazing creativity and energy!


      But toys aren't just for kids. Some of us, myself included, never stopped playing with toys and that was also what this theme was about.  Some of the projects included  Others, built fun toys for adults such as augmented glasses, mp3 musical boxes, and hacks involving the Picade that was a finisher prize for the PiCasso Design Challenge.  R2D2 also made an appearance as one of those hacks!


      This competition was sincerely a joy to watch and something hopefully the joy and magic of these toys will help inspire the next generation of electronics engineers.   With so many great projects we're going to need help.   With that said, it's time to pick the winners of the last project competition, the Electronic Toys competition.  By volunteering to judge you help ensure that the winners of Electronic Toys reflect the diversity of thought and opinion that makes this the best online community for engineers in the galaxy! 


      • 1 Grand Prize Winner will receive a Super Nintendo Classic plus a $200 Shopping Cart.
      • 3 First Place Winners will receive a $100 Shopping Cart.


      Those of you that have volunteered to judge in the past, you know the drill.  Comment below to let me know or message me directly at tariq.ahmad.


      You're under no obligation to vote for the best project but we do ask that you look for complete projects and let us know your thoughts on the winners you pick.

      The guidelines are loosely structured but are designed to encourage complete project submissions (with steps and video proof), and we want this program to be something that everyone in the community can participate to post smaller projects that fit within a theme (a theme the members pick in a monthly poll) .

      For each project submission did the entrant do the following:


      • Follow the Steps - Did they provide the steps it took to complete the project (text, video, or images) and/or schematics.
      • Submit Video Proof - Did they post a video proof of their project?
      • Stick to the Theme - How well did the project stick to the theme of the competition?
      • Demonstrate Originality - Did they come up with a clever name for their project? Or did they introduce something new or that is not commercially available?


      Get a Decider badge for volunteering to judge a Project14 competition!  To earn a Decider badge, simply volunteer to judge a Project14 Competition, pick the winners and give us the reason for your choices.  The Decider badge will be your reward for making your decision!  Diversity and inclusiveness are the strengths of this program.  You can receive a Decider badge by volunteering to judge this or any future Project14 Competition


      Here is the list of projects to choose from Electronic Toys:


      Project14 | Electronic Toys: Meet the Projects You Build for Learning or Fun!


      The Projects:



      DIY Smartphone controlled tiny plane as weekend project for children and parents by ravi_butani:


      Fuzzy Plant Watering System DIY Smartphone controlled tiny plane as weekend project for children and parents



      Spider-Man:  Into the Maker-Verse by connormiller:


      Spider-Man: Into the Maker-Verse


      The Useless Box by balearicdynamics :


      The Useless Box




      The Musical Box by balearicdynamics:


      The Musical Box



      ARBot by dubbie:




      Adding LEDs to a flying wing by carmelito:


      Adding LEDs to a flying wing

      R2-D2 Arcade Live  by balearicdynamics :


      R2-D2 Arcade Live



      Creating your own Handheld Electronic Games – Pocket Nim  by shabaz :


      Creating your own Handheld Electronic Games - Pocket Nim


      the Rainbow Ukulele by fmilburn:


      the Rainbox Ukelele


      Pimp my PICADE  by luislabmo:


      Pimp my PICADE


      Kids Kingdom: Learn N Fun  by mahmood.hassan:


      Kids Kingdom: Learn N Fun


      Fancy Eye by armour999 :


      Fancy Eye