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    Zedboard PS side program via PJTAG using Xilinx Platform Cables


      I need to put my Zedboard into JTAG independent mode to debug PL side and PS side independently. As explained in UG585 page 718 when I set Zedboard to JTAG independent mode, PS side (ARM) processors will not be accessed by the JTAG connector. When I put Zedboard into JTAG independent mode, I can use inbuilt Digilent JTAG controller of Zedboard to program and debug PL side. I am trying to find a method to program PS side (I don't need to set breakpoints at this stage, just programming the PS side is enough), for this, can I use a Xilinx Platform cable and connect JTAG wires to MIO pins or EMIO pins of PS side as explained in page 722 of UG585? or Do I have to use an ARM JTAG module for this task? 

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          Yes you can configure the JTAG to independent mode in ZU+ MPSoC as well.

          Please try the below commands in XSCT console-

          xsct% mrd -force 0xFFCA0034
          FFCA0034: 00000003
          xsct% mwr -force 0xFFCA0030 3
          xsct% mrd -force 0xFFCA0034

          If you are using production version of ZU+ device then you should include one more command before you launch HW server because but hw_server called by XSDB or Vivado HW Manager automatically links the DAP to the primary scan chain.

          You can can disable this by setting hw_server parameter processor-debug-claim
          to 2 and then connect XSDB or Vivado HW Manager to this hw_server.

          Here two different methods:

          1. This is how you specify the option at hw_server start-up:

          hw_server -e "set processor-debug-claim 2"

          2. You may also use the --init=script.txt option to load this setting through a file. To use the init option you need to create a initialization script as shown below. In the script you specify the "set processor-debug-claim" parameter.

          # Sample script.txt
          set processor-debug-claim 2

          You start the hw_server as shown below:


          hw_server --init=script.txt

          NOTE: After configuring "processor-debug-claim 2", the user must reset the board (power cycle) in order to see the split chain.

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