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    The Arduino Vidor4000: is there a new IDE?


      It was just over a year ago now that I spotted the new Arduino Vidor4000 FPGA board and decided to get one E14blog https://www.element14.com/community/message/244346/l/re-arduino-the-mkr-contest-series-show-us-how-you-would-use-the-arduino-mkr-line#244346


      I ran through the limited demonstrations but found it was far from hands on FPGA and almost impossible to understand how to create anything else. The Webinars from Massimo seemed promising as he talked about the software team creating a new GUI that would allow the Vidor4000 to be graphically programmed - that sounded idea and just the sort of thing I was after...a simple drag and drop experience.


      Element14 held a competition where members also used this board but I didn't see much apart from the pre-built libraries being used - please correct me if I'm wrong there.


      My Vidor4000 sat on the shelf watching the sun rise and set, the trees budding, setting seed and the leaves falling again.


      Last night I logged into the Arduino website assuming by now there would be some new IDE specifically for the Vidor4000 and the FPGA aspects but couldn't find anything. And the documentation for the board also seemed to be stagnant with the HDMI display example and little else.


      I'd be grateful if someone can point me to any useful articles on making my own blocks in HDL or some new graphical IDE that I've completely missed being launched over the last year.