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    making custom hole on PCB



      I would like to know if there is a solution to make a custom hole form ?

      Actually I need to make a rectangular hole on my PCB, in the pad configuration there is only the square option.


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          A pad is not the same as a hole. Holes are round.  Pads are copper that can be any shape.


          You can make a slotted hole but it won't have squared corners.  Rounded inside corners are preferred for fabrication since they can be made with a router bit.


          If you want a rectangular "hole" then make this as a Board Cutout on the Home tab of the menu.  Draw what you want on the Outline layer, select the closed shape and press the Board Cutout button.

          Ex in 2D view and 3D view

          Some warnings:

          After making the cutout, you can select and move the cutout around so be careful to lock it down so you don't move it by accident (see above picture).

          Make sure you review the CAM files before placing your order to be sure the cutout was properly generated.

          [Edit-added] Make sure to pull-back any copper from the cutout edges with a keepout or other means; especially on inner layers.


          You can search the web for "PCB rectangular cutout" and get some information about fabrication limitations.


          When making a PCB board shape that is not a simple rectangle, inside corners should have a reasonable radius that can be fabricated.

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            Thanks you it works great