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    Need some help with the project


      Hi. I have bought an old soviet toy sinthesizer to improe my skills of fixing stuff. I want to add some simple envelope generator to the project. All of the schemes that are easy enough for me to make have ±12v input, and my device is powered by 4AA batterys in line. My question is, can I turn +6v Into ±12v? What components do I need to do this?

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          Hi Alex,


          You'll need something like a dual output DC-DC converter. If you click that link, you'll see some that should work with a 4 AA cell input. You'll need to choose one with sufficient current output capability for your circuit. I guess an audio circuit won't need much current so a 1W one (i.e. 45mA per output) might be ok, but perhaps you may need 2W, more than that is unlikely. Also, check the datasheet for any one that you're interested in, because it will mention if you need any capacitors too (usually you need an input and output capacitor, but the datasheets specify it - if it doesn't, then use something in the ballpark of 10uF capacitors on the input, and on both outputs, it isn't critical. The audio quality may be just average without some additional considerations, but since it is a toy, I'm guessing you're not looking for Hi-Fi, so it will be a start at least. Good luck with your project, it sounds interesting  : )

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