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    Complete beginner requiring help with Bluefruit Feather programming


      Hello, I’m completely new to the Arduino family of PCBs & I have no experience of using them. So I have found myself in at the deep end without a clue!


      We use Bluefruit Feather PCB nRF52832 for our products. The software we’re using is the official Arduino software.


      It appears we can plug the boards into the PC via a standard USB lead and program them by opening a “sketch” and select “upload”.

      The software compiles the sketches and then attempts to transfer them to the Feather. We then start getting messages saying there are errors or we need to update the bootloader or the boards are not in “DFU”mode.


      We have tried updating and looked up and tried DFU mode but have had no joy.


      I believe I may have discovered that our USB cable maybe of the wrong type, so I have another I'm going to be trying in the morning.

      I have also downloaded the software on a different laptop to see if that makes a difference.


      I have no doubt I am doing something incredibly simply wrong but would appreciate some advice on how to proceed.