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    SMS to Morse.


      Hi all,


      My father is deaf , really deaf !!. It is impossible to call him on the mobile or even have a conversation in the same room. Hearing aids do help a little but he loses them or doesn't maintain them correctly. I live of the other side of the country and would like to communicate with him.


      Fortunately he does know Morse from his army days and with a bit of practice he should get those skills back


      I had an idea to make a device that converts SMS to Morse code . There are plenty of examples of people using an Arduino to do this online. What I would like to do is make a wearable so it taps out a message onto his skin .


      A small solenoid or similar, something like in the movies when you see card players cheating.


      Can anyone suggest a part suitable for this purpose ? Something ready made that I can quickly get to work.


      Thanks Paul

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          Would it be easier and more efficient to get him setup with SMS?

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              It would be good if he could. But he has never sent a text in his life. Also has no interest in learning.



              He might not be interested in this but if he is then my mother could even send texts while they are in same room.


              He watches TV so loud normal conversation isn't possible. Also won't wear the headsets I bought him or read sub titles. He is very difficult in the sense.

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