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    Can't order from element14 as an individual !


      A couple of days ago, I ordered three items from the element14 site, everything goes fine payment was successful. Now, when I reached them regarding a query to replace an item with other items, they told me that they have to cancel my entire order as I cannot get items as an individual.
      That is just sad, apparently, I can get kits for free for reviews but not if I pay price.
      Wanted to do experiment & learn new these three kits offer:
      1. https://in.element14.com/on-semiconductor/rsl10-sense-gevk/ultra-low-power-sensor-no/dp/3019008 - RSL10-SENSE-GEVK

      2. https://in.element14.com/beagleboard/bbone-ai/beaglebone-sbc-arm-cortex-a15/dp/3132825 - BBONE-AI

      3.https://in.element14.com/avnet/aes-ms-mt3620-sk-g/starter-kit-arm-cortex-a7-cortex/dp/3106884 - Azure Sphere Starter Kit

      I also ordered the DE-10 Lite Board from Digi-key as an individual, there is no problem with that order.
      I'm just sad and heart broken..

      No cheers !!