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    Can't order from element14 as an individual !


      A couple of days ago, I ordered three items from the element14 site, everything goes fine payment was successful. Now, when I reached them regarding a query to replace an item with other items, they told me that they have to cancel my entire order as I cannot get items as an individual.
      That is just sad, apparently, I can get kits for free for reviews but not if I pay price.
      Wanted to do experiment & learn new these three kits offer:
      1. https://in.element14.com/on-semiconductor/rsl10-sense-gevk/ultra-low-power-sensor-no/dp/3019008 - RSL10-SENSE-GEVK

      2. https://in.element14.com/beagleboard/bbone-ai/beaglebone-sbc-arm-cortex-a15/dp/3132825 - BBONE-AI

      3.https://in.element14.com/avnet/aes-ms-mt3620-sk-g/starter-kit-arm-cortex-a7-cortex/dp/3106884 - Azure Sphere Starter Kit

      I also ordered the DE-10 Lite Board from Digi-key as an individual, there is no problem with that order.
      I'm just sad and heart broken..

      No cheers !!

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          What is wrong with Element14 India?

          First they told me that they cannot ship my order as I've placed that order as an individual and they will refund my amount on 15th of this month.

          Now on 15th oct, they partially shipped the order and sent me azure kit. I already have azure kit from that sensing the world challenge and don't need another one.

          I mailed them regarding that and still waiting for reply. Now, today 22nd oct, I received another email that they have shipped my other half of the order. That's an Rs. 22000 Order approx $300.

          They never respond to mail. I tried calling few days ago no one answered. Online chat doesn't work.  Will try tomorrow morning again. ufff..

          What is wrong?

          When they told me that they will not be able to process my order, I ordered different things from other sites. This month credit card bill gonna be so so so High.. That If climb that, reach to the top and install a solar panel, I will harvest 99.9999% of solar energy as compared to ground reference and will get free energy for life.

          If they cannot refund, atleast I can ask to take azure kit back and replace it with function generator or power supply or somthing something.

          - Unhappy element14 community mudz....(dots till infinity or element14 server hard disk space goes down to 0KB)

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              Can't say that I've had that problem since I'm in the US, but I've seen a lot of complaints about shipping to individuals in India.  I must admit that the Newark/Element14 store website is not the best.  I've never had problems ordering, but order status does not consistently update.  I've had an order "Processing" for over a week and it turns out it has already shipped.  I didn't notice that the item was "in stock in the UK", so it is still in customs.  I'll get notified when it ships from the US location.  Not the magnitude of issue that you have, but it would be nice if order status would update after a week.


              I'm surprised you were able to get your free Azure kit.