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    Avnet SmartEdge IoT Gateway - Raspberry Pi - saving/loading OS


      Has anyone had success following the User Guide instructions for downloading a new image onto the device.

      Specifically, I followed the directions here:


      rpiboot builds fine

      Then, as per the User Guide I connect a microUSB-USB cable to the microUSB on the top of the gateway PCB and to the Linux PC, and then run rpiboot.

      The terminal reports:

      Waiting for BCM2835/6/7

      Sending bootcode.bin

      Successful read 4 bytes

      Waiting for BCM2835/6/7

      Second stage boot server

      File read: start.elf

      Second stage boot server done

      All looks good - the second boot should have loaded the default msd directory (adding -d msd makes no difference) but the mass storage device never appears.

      The gateway should now show the emmc /boot and /rootfs as USB storage devices but it does not.

      Has anyone got this to work?


      An alternative would be if the second stage bootloader could then use the USB ports as boot file systems (ie install an image onto a USB stick and boot from it) but I do believe this functionality is supported.