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    Interactive routing bug



      I have come across a situation with unexpected (and certainly undesirable) behavior. The issue  has been observed by other users, but no solution has been proposed, as explained below:

      The project is a 4-Layer design (Top, L1, L2, Bottom) where L1 and L2 are designated as "Internal planes". I am trying to route signals from a BGA device on the Bottom Later to the Internal Plane L2. To achieve this, I have placed u-Vias directly at the center of the BGA pads. The intent is that these u-Vias take the signal from the Bottom Layer to L2, and then I route them on the L2 Layer. For the layers, I have specified two sets of Drill-pairs; the default (Through Via) which goes from the Top Layer to the Bottom Layer, and for the u-Vias going from L2 Layer to the Bottom Layer.

      The strange behaviors that I see are listed below:

      1) When I select the L2 Layer, as soon as I start interactive routing, the software jumps to the Bottom Layer and adds whatever trace I draw to the Bottom Layer
      2) If I try to change the properties of the trace that is added in Step 1) above so that it is placed on the L2 Layer, the net selection does not remain. For example, when I edit the properties and assign the GND net to the selected trace, I click OK to save the editing. Then, when I check the properties, the net is shown as "no net", as if I never edited the property

      Can anyone provide some suggestions or workarounds?

      Thanks in advance,