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    How to create a username and password for CircuitStudio?


      I would like to use CircuitStudio 1.5.  Any possitive comments about this software?


      So far, I am hitting a wall since Altium does not provide any support for it, and doesn't want to help in any way.  Send me here and I can't find any information either.  It is definitely a frustrating experience for starters.


      Anyone knows how good this interface with SolidWorks?




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          I came from an Altium background and when I started my own business I needed something more affordable.  I checked out about a dozen PCB design programs before settling on CircuitStudio.  I really liked the features of Altium and CS seemed to be the closest.  It does lack a few things that are available in Altium but the structure is there. 


          Regarding the free trial or purchasing, I have never had a problem with registering my information.  I wouldn't know where to start.  It's been so long since I first set it up.


          With regards to Solidworks, if you can export step files from Solidworks, you can import 3D objects into CS.  I use step files for all of my parts.  Not only does it allow me to verify fitment of the parts, I am also able to customize all of my parts.  If you are trying to import your PCB into Solidworks, I have never tried that.  I'm certain that it wouldn't be too difficult as CS does provide a 3D model export feature.

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