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    Installing OpenCV is Like...


      After several days into attempting to install OpenCV on my BB-AI it feels like I'm at about 0:15s into this video !



      Maybe some pointers for others are in my iBox posts:

      iBox: #2 Setting up the BB-AI

      iBox: #3 Is it a cat, a plane, a moth?


      I also tried cross compiling on my faster PC with the aim of porting the code across afterwards, but that too failed with the libpython2-dev:armhf library not being found. After much adjustment of my machine on the Linux command line I'm also no nearer on that approach.


      But it did make me think, hence this question rather than a blog post:

      If I were to compile the OpenCV on my other machine and port it across to the BB-AI then has someone else done this? e.g. why am I sitting waiting days for the BB-AI to run CMAKE if it could be done externally and highly likely someone already has.


      I've learnt many Linux commands along the way and have a rough understanding of what cross-compiling is.....so progress todate has been worthwhile still